PATAGONIA TREASURE TRAIL is an independent Feature Film shot on location in the Patagonia Mountains, in an Arizona you didn't know exists..

Patagonia Treasure Trail is a mother/daughter road trip on horseback into the environmentally delicate and politically volatile territory of southern Arizona. A large commercial mining company has claimed the Patagonia Mountains, and the environmentalist mother wants to enjoy the area before the digging begins. The daughter devastated by her recent job loss from the Albuquerque Symphony finds her mother’s political correctness infuriating. When a magical and breathtaking encounter occurs with an endangered animal, hope emerges as they realize their discovery may be a possible key to saving the environmentally sensitive area.

Writer/Director Michele Gisser is a part-time resident of Patagonia, Arizona, the small town cast in this movie.  In the past five years she has witnessed the sale of public Forest Service land to multi-national mining concerns. This fictional story was inspired by the factual possibility that this surrounding beauty will disappear in the near future.  Ms. Gisser hired both professional actors and local townspeople to tell her story.  The movie raises economic conflicts faced by many areas in the United States.  Whether it’s oil exploration, fracking or mining, there is often an untenable environmental price to pay.

Music is composed by Michael Fan of the Tucson Symphony with Janie Thierman.

The film stars Faye Jackson and Isabella Schloss